Release Schedule for PocketMine 1.5 updates

I will be updating most of my plugins to support PocketMine 1.5 and the new API. I want to provide fast updates which patch bugs while taking advantage of the new features at the same time. I have thought out a plan for making as many people happy as fast as possible. I have organized the schedule by amount of users and then by diffuculty of the update.

SimpleWarp1.5Minor update including better teleports (maybe FastTransfer) and compatibility fixes.
BuyCraft1.2.2Minor update bumping API version and fixing bugs.
TapToDo2.1.3Minor update bumping API version and fixing bugs.
BattleKits1.0.4Fix economy and permission related bugs.
RankUp0.4Big bug fixing update.
Specter0.2Major update for 0.11 clients.
DisguiseMe2.0Large code rewrite for more functionality.
ChestRefill2.0Major code rewrite.
MineReset2.0.4Fixes to async behavior.
iControlU1.4Rewrite system for new API (take advantage of 0.11 stuff)
Volt3.0.3Minor update with threading imporvments (3.0.2 should work fine).
OreFinder1.1Fix bugs and hopefully speedups.

There are a few plugins which aren’t on that list. I do not plan on dropping support for them. They are either of a lower priority or don’t expose issues for the 0.11 upgrade.

Published: April 13 2015

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