Minecraft Seeds Pro Recap/Thank-you letter

This is a copy of an upload I made on Minecraft Seeds, it is available here for easier reading.

Hello everyone. I have been a member of this app for over 3 years now and I have loved every moment. Every “do you know me?” upload. Every heated argument on someone else’s upload (whoops). Every seed that turned out to be different in survival. Every spammer and hater. Every PM group that just wouldn’t shut up. Every “new follower” notification. Every great friend. I have loved every single moment. This app has made me smile and cry and laugh and sometimes a strange mixture of them all.

“Yikes, this is getting sad clicks back button

Sorry, this thread isn’t one of “those” threads. This thread isn’t to let you know that I won’t be active because everyone who cares already knows. This thread is to thank everyone for the awesome times and for allowing me to post garbage and get followers. It is also, to thank everyone who helped me along the way and to talk a little bit (a lot) about my journey. I am going to try to keep things humorous and easy to read.

Chapter 1: What does this button do?

Rewind back to November 2012. I had gotten an iTunes gift card for my birthday. Naturally, I did what any smart kid would do, I bought Minecraft. Quickly I grew suspicious of the weird seed box, what did it do? Yes, I could have Googled “seeds minecraft”, but instead I bought this app. BEST DECISION EVER! Here are some of my funny thoughts from back then

  • I built a really cool house, where is the button to share the seed?
  • Okay, I know what I seed is. How do I upload one? Do I have to like copy the world?
  • I think I got in know. I just type in random words for hours. I have no life, this is the perfect way to spend my time.
  • Wow “banflying” hugely popular seed second try, I am sooooo talented. I should drop everything and make seeds.
  • Find seeds with ores under spawn they said. It will be fun they said.

Chapter 2: Random people read my rubbish. I am GOD!

I started to realize that people, actual people, read what I posted. My ego took a very large boast and I started posting complete and utter junk. Here are some examples

  • “I gots 100 followers” (really, learn gooder spelling)
  • “my subscribe back will only apply to users with seeds and over a dozen followers.” (Wow, what a jerk)
  • “Ps: I know I have a caps problem” (Ya think?)
  • “Goodbye people this thread is going down off the trending table so bye and a new one will join it soon” (So you just know that your thread is going to be popular?)

Chapter 3: Lawyers? We help people and wear tinted sunglasses.

It all started when @Frios10 (Frios, you better get running) decided that we users of the app got into too many arguments. He created an organization called the “lawyers” to help in conflict resolution and report stuff to JN Interactive. The idea was awesome and it quickly gained traction, everyone wanted to be a lawyer because they were the cool kids. I would love to say that I was there from the beginning, I wasn’t. I became a lawyer later on, I helped people and it was good fun. @Frios10 stepped back from leadership and @Hotline_101 and me took over. We basically ran the operation into the ground, here is an excerpt from my “LAWYER DISSOLVE” post:


(Again with the caps)

The organization has truly changed the way people react to bullying on this app and despite the issues, I am proud that we did this…I really want to thank you for changing everything.

(I also misspelled “dissolve” in the post image and was too lazy to fix it, lol)

Chapter 4: Let’s make falkirknh a moderator, he is such a nice guy.

** evil laugh **

** extended evil laugh **

** evil stare **

“ I can delete your posts now, FEAR ME!”

I am happy that JN Interactive made me one of the first moderators, I think that I added a bit of life to the app.

** systematically deletes negative comments on own posts **

In all honesty, I was immature and really biased. I made a bunch of stupid mistakes, but I am proud of the fact that I learned from them.

Chapter 5: User gets 1000 follows in a day using this weird trick, JN Interactive HATES him.

After I settled into moderating, I started to become a regular content creator. I experimented with

  • Creation contests
  • Rating vs. Comment battles
  • Seeds from websites (yep, I did that)
  • Free follow backs
  • Shoutouts
  • Moderator and rule posts

I perfected the science of follower gaining and skyrocketed myself to the top of the top 25 (I only got to number 2, but still, pretty good). I am not proud of this stuff, but it is part of who I am as a user and I hope that the good outweighs the bad.

Chapter 6: ♫ There is life outside your apartment ♫

First of all, don’t look up that song :P

I got bored. Really bored. Kinda like you as you read this post. Yes, this can get meta if I want it to. Back on topic. I realized that I was getting good at what I was doing and that I could just apply to be a moderator on any website and become one. I went on a binge and became a staff member everywhere.

  • Minecraft PE Forum
  • MCPEYoutubers
  • DerpCraft
  • PocketMine
  • The Minecraft Forum
  • A bunch more servers and forums…

Then I made another realization. These places where I was working at didn’t have the spirt that this app is infused with. I decided it was time to come back and bring some of the stuff I learned back with me.

Chapter 7: I don’t fit anymore.

“Things do not change; we change“ - Henry David Thoreau

I came back burdened with stuff I learned about how to run a forum from the MCF and bursting with information about the MCPE protocol which I acquired from PocketMine. I shared what I could and then left for a bit. I eventually came back, shared and left again. Slowly it became clear that the more time I spent away from the app, the less I fit in with all the amazing friends I made here. I started growing more and more distant from those who had been there for me through thick and thin because I couldn’t see myself in the app anymore.

This is where I am at now.

I post comments now and again and I greeted by the same, “OMG, you’re online!!!” replies every time. These messages further emphasize the gap which I have created between me and this app. They are bittersweet for me. They show me that people care but they also show me that I don’t belong.

I have sat for hours trying to think of something to upload. Something that people will enjoy, something that I will be proud of. There isn’t anything anymore. All the tricks I learned about posting are useless to me.

Much helpful. Very friend. Such thank you.

I have made so many amazing friend on this app and I will never forget the laughs we had together. There are too many people for me to name names, I would just make people feel left out and that is the last thing I want. I will keep it general.

  • Thank you to JN Interactive for giving me so many bugs to report and an awesome platform for me to express myself through.
  • Thanks to my fellow moderators, you are way better than me for sticking to it, keep up the awesome work.
  • Thanks to everyone who has PMed me or commented on my uploads, you have made my day many times over and I likely won’t be able to return the favour which makes me feel like a bad person.
  • Thanks to everyone who has reported content, you are doing the app a great service.
  • Thanks to all the users who have rated my uploads. When I get a notification saying I got a new rating, it lets me know that someone is reading what I posted and that makes me smile.
  • Thanks to everyone on this app whether I have encountered you directly or not. You have made my experience unforgettable and made every moment a blessing.

Final words

I want to be clear that this is a happy post. I have been chuckling whilst writing it. I am happy with what I did for this app and with what this app did for me. As I said this isn’t a goodbye post, that ship sailed long ago. I am not deleting the app. I will continue to take reports and comment here and there. The main thing is that I have stopped having fun, getting into arguments and spamming PM conversations and all that stuff.

“So long and thanks for all the fish” (Except it’s nothing like that, I just wanted to quote it)

Published: March 21 2015

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