The new and what that means for you

I launched over a year ago and I put it together in a hurry. Now the time has come to fix the mistakes I made and rebuild the service that many servers rely on for their hostnames. And unfortunately that means breaking some things.

New features

  • An actual user accounts system.
  • Ability edit your own records.
  • Support for CNAMEs and AAAAs.
  • Server verification.
  • A public registry.

Closing the old

The old has been closed and no new records can be created on the website.

Cleaning out records

After a public vote, I decided to clear the registry and start fresh. This process will occur throughout the month of June.


I am planning to launch by the end of June. I will publish a more fixed date, when I figure one out.

I have so many ideas for the new and I am excited for you to see them and use them with your servers.

Published: May 07 2016

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