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I am contacting you because you have created an account on This past week a major security incident was disclosed by CloudFlare. You can read the full details at This caused CloudFlare’s servers to leak uninitialzed memory into HTTP responses. uses CloudFlare to distribute our content and accelerate page load times. This means that any data or interaction with could have been leaked (including emails, passwords, and all record data). This is a serious issue that was corrected very quickly by CloudFlare upon discovery, however the issue existed for months before it was discovered, allowing time for data to leak.

CloudFlare contacted me to let me know that none of the data was leaked to a caching service. This doesn’t mean it wasn’t leaked. Some data may have been leaked to random web visitors who would have just seen arbitrary text and wondered what it was.

I would highly recommend you update your password on as soon as you can. You should also change your password on any other site that uses CloudFlare (see

If you have any questions feel free to reply to this email and I will try to get back to you.



Published: February 27 2017

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