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There has been some talk on Twitter about the EULA with regard to Mojang blocking non-compliant servers. This is worrying to me as it seems to threaten the diverse community we have. But Mojang owns the platform. They don’t want their users forced to make additional purchases in their game. That makes sense.

However, this is a huge setback to many server owners who need money to pay server fees. That must be considered and I hope Mojang does.

Going forward I want to make my stance really clear. Because this keeps coming up again and again. is a domain name service for servers. Servers are never checked by me for EULA compliance, because I’m not qualified and it’s not my job. I can see two situations arising which would require a response on my part:

A large community backlash at a server

If a server loses community support solely as a result of the EULA, I will not remove it. Players can boycott the server, but as long as the server remains active, it will keep its record.

I receive a formal request from Mojang

If Mojang reaches out to me to block access to a specific subdomain because of the EULA, I will carefully assess the situation before complying. Refusing to comply is entirely my right. I will give server owners at least 2 weeks notice before a server is null-routed. Servers will be given a chance to update to comply.

Plugins on GitHub

All my GitHub projects are permissively licensed, they are code for the community to use as it choses. Plugins like BuyCraft will most likely violate the EULA if you use them. But that isn’t my business. They are your plugins. You have a license to use them. I will not revoke that license from violating servers or insert any code to detect violating servers.

Will continue to support any server that implements the MCPE protocol. EULA concerns will be ignored.

PM forums plugin development section

If a post encourages and displays the explicit violation of the EULA. It may be removed and the user may receive a zero-point warning. I will strive to avoid this as much as possible, but it may happen and users should be aware of this.

Published: May 05 2016

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